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Cow Manure

6x4 trl...$75   Cubic M...$105    36l Bags...$10.

Our locally sourced Cow Manure comes from feed lots. Therefore it is weed free, and ready to give your plants all the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

Sheep Manure

6x4 trl...$75   Cubic M...$105     36l Bags...$10.

Our locally sourced Sheep Manure come from feed lots, meaning the manure is weed free as the animals are fed on pelletised feed. Ready to use in your garden.

Metro Soil Conditioner

6x4 trl...$75   Cubic M...$105     36l Bags...$10.

Very high in organic matter, adding humus to your sandy soils. Soil conditioner is designed to be dug through 50:50 with sand, turning dry water repellant sand into rich healthy soil. Ideal for planting out natives and exotics as well as preparing soil for laying turf onto. 

Mandurah Rock 'n' Loam

Landscape Supplies.

Soil Range.

Mushroom Compost

6x4 trl...$75   Cubic M...$105    36l Bags...$10.

Mushroom compost is a rich blend of straw, chicken manure, peat and gypsum. It is great for vegies and features strongly in our special Vegie Mix. In fact any plant that likes a good feed will benefit from some mushroom compost. Not to be used on native plants.

Lawn Mix

6x4 trl...$75    Cubic M...$105    22l Bags...$8.

Lawn mix is a mix of Gin Gin red loam, chicken manure and lawn sand. Spread at approx. 50mm deep and your ready to roll your turf directly onto it. Great for top dressing old or tired looking lawns.

Garden Mix

6x4 trl...$75   Cubic M...$105    36l Bags...$10.

This rich black soil is packed full of goodness for your plants. Containing crushed wood fibre, screened peat, composted manure and topsoil. It is ready to be planted into.