We also offer all our products in Bulka-Bags. So if you live up north and would like some top quality mulch or soil on your garden

we can help. Need some brickies or plasterers sand in a Bulka-Bag give us a call.

Mandurah Rock 'n' Loam Landscape Supplies. 

Our Services.

Free courtesy trailers

Does someone always have your trailer when you need it? We can help, we have 10 free courtesy trailers that make life easy! We do ask that you try not to take longer than 2 hours per load, so no one misses out. We also hire our 6x4 Box Trailers out for a very reasonable $25 per day.

FreoStone Paving

We are an agent for FreoStone Paving and Cladding. With an amazing range of manufactured and natural stone paving. There is sure to be the paver for your job. FreoStone also have a great range of Bullnose capping for around your pool. So call in today with your plan and have a look at the great range of FreoStone Paving, Bullnose capping and Stone Cladding.   

Small Bags

If you only have a small job to do or have a small garden bed to mulch and a trailer load will be too much. Maybe a couple of our small bags would better suit. We bag up all of our top quality products on site. Sands, blue metal, rainbow quartz etc. come in 20 litre bags. The lighter products such as mulch, soils and manures come in a bigger 45 litre bags. Please note that in order to keep the soils and composts fresh and in the best condition, we bag to order. So please ring ahead and we will get the bags loaded the day you want to pick them up.

Hire Equipment

Mandurah Rock 'n' Loam is your one stop shop for the DIY'er. Not only can you pick up all your sands, cements, limestone blocks or pavers. We can also help you with the mixing and compacting too. We hire an electric cement mixer for $45 per day, and also have 4 plate compactors $40 for half day hire & only $50 full day hire. If you need a trailer for doing some moving or odd jobs we hire our 6x4 trailers out at $25 per day. Other odd pieces we hire out include: A Wheel barrow $10 a day, lawn topdressing rake $10 a day, Limestone block lifter $10 a day.


Don't have a tow ball on your car? No worries, we can deliver. We deliver anything from a trailer load of soil or mulch to a truck load of brickies sand, and everything in between. All for a small delivery charge. We have 2 trucks, a small one for tight tricky deliveries and a larger one for the bigger jobs you may have planned. We deliver everyday except Sunday, so give us a call and we'll get you started. 

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