Recycled Brick‚Äč

6x4 Trl...$64   Cubic M...$85.00     22l Bag...$8

An environmentally friendly decorative stone. Instead of going into landfill, waste brick and tiles are crushed to a maximum size of 20mm.

This product can be used as a cheap decorative stone or compacted to form a great looking hardstand.

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14mm Blue Metal

6x4 trl...$92   Cubic M...$128      22l Bag...$8

Blue Metal can also be used as a decorative stone, works well used in conjunction with our charcoal coloured pavers.

Limestone Pebbles

6x4 trl...$66   Cubic M...$88       22l Bag...$8

Limestone Pebbles are a great budget decorative stone. Great for down the unused side of your house. Can also be compacted and used as drive. The kids will love finding sea shells amongst the stone.

Rainbow Quartz

6x4 trl...$200   Cubic M...$285      22l Bag...$15

Sourced from Moora, Rainbow Quartz is predominately a white colour but also has pinks, blues and yellow hues throughout. 

Cracked Pea Gravel

6x4 trl...$100    Cubic M...$140    22l Bag...$10 

Our most popular decorative stone. Being cracked brings out dark red colours as well as the cream colours from the pea gravel. Screened at 12mm.