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Mandurah Rock 'n' Loam

Landscape Supplies

Sand Range.

Washed White Sand

6x4 trailer...$50   Cubic M...$70    Bags...$8.

Ideal for sweeping into paving. Used for childrens play areas and sand pits. Also used for creating a white coloured mortar.

Unwashed White Sand

6x4 trailer...$32   Cubic M...$45   Bags...$6.

Also used to sweep into paving areas, just not quite as white as the washed white sand. Can still be used as a sand pit sand. Also used as horse stable sand.

Plasterer's Sand

6x4 trailer...$40   Cubic M...$55    Bags...$6.      

A locally sourced screened yellow sand used mainly for rendering walls but can be used as paving sand too.

Paving Sand

6x4 trailer...$30  Cubic M...$40   Bags...$6.

A screened yellow sand for use as a base for paving. Filling holes or a base for under a concrete slab.

Brickies Sand

6x4 trailer...$40  Cubic M...$55    Bags...$6.

A locally sourced screened yellow sand. Ideal for making mortar for bricklaying or laying limestone blocks. Can also be used for paving