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Pilbara Red Chip

6x4 trl...$90   Cubic M...$125     36l Bags $12

Is wood waste ground twice, screened and coated with a long lasting food grade dye, very decorative ideal for entry statements, feature areas, borders, and gardens. Anywhere there is a need to make a visual impact. The chip will help control weeds, moderate the soil temperature in the sun. Allows water through and helps moisture retention. It is long lasting and will hold its colour.


Karri & Peat Mulch

6x4 trl...$90   Cubic M...$125     36l Bags $12.

Karri & Peat Mulch is a fine textured rich black mulch. Often used on display home gardens and homes that are for sale, due to it's neat and tidy look and rich dark colour.

Marri Woodchip

6x4 trl...$90   Cubic M...$125     36l Bags $12.

This graded woodchip makes a great long life mulch. It also looks great and works well as a weed suppressant. 

Bushland Mulch

6x4 trl...$75    Cubic M...$105    36l Bags $10

One of our most popular mulches. Bushland mulch is made from crushed plantation pine, screened peat and manure. Bushland mulch will feed your soil as well as keep weeds at bay.

PineBark Mulch

6x4 trl...$110   Cubic M...$152     36l Bags $12

Pine Bark  Mulch is a natural looking mulch. Looks great around Native gardens. It lasts for a long time and is excellent for smothering weeds.

Biowise Mulch

6x4 trl...$60   Cubic M...$80    36l Bags $10

Biowise Mulch is our budget mulch. It is a coarser black mulch ideal for around native gardens and rental properties. Although it is cheaper it does exactly what more expensive mulches do. That is, keep moisture in the soil and suppress weeds.

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